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 As the health care industry evolves, Certified Imaging Informatics Professionals (CIIPs) need to be aware of changes in patient care, technology, and quality requirements. That’s why ABII has created a new requirement for diplomates. At the end of every 10 years, you’ll need to complete recertification requirements. You may choose one of these four options to complete your 10-Year Requirements:

  • PRACTICE: Complete a quality improvement project relevant to imaging informatics.
  • EDUCATION: Mentor someone who isn’t a CIIP in imaging informatics, providing that person with mastery of the knowledge needed to pass the IIP certification exam.
  • RESEARCH: Publish a research-based article relevant to imaging informatics in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • EXAMINATION: Take and pass the ABII certification exam.

Learn more about each option. You’ll have to complete the 10-Year Requirements within one year. If you earned certification in 2007, your compliance period is the year after your 10th year (2017). For everyone else, the compliance period is the year immediately before the end of your 10th year of certification. For example, if you earned certification in 2008, you must complete the 10-Year Requirements in 2017; if you earned certification in 2009, you must complete the requirements in 2018, and so forth. Questions? Call us at 651.994.6410 or email us at

10 Responses to “ABII Announces 10-Year Requirements”

  1. James Hansard

    I have been the lead on a deployment project from 2010 through current for deploying Epic radiology (Radiant) and integrating/nterfacing DI PACS; Cardiology PACS; Speech Recognition; Mammography reporting and integrating various radiology reading groups with the 42 acute care facilities that Providence has implemented on Epic. The CIIP has been beneficial to work through workflows and interfacing the various PACS solutions to the core Epic solution. Currently, we are preparing to deploy to a new group acute medical centers which will take us over 70+ facilities over the next 3 years.

    Additionally, I am now working as the lead on a Clinical Decision Support for Diagnostic Imaging to facilitate electronic decision support for users placing imaging orders through out the enterprise. The ability to carry forward the decision support information to the radiologist that is reading the study is a prime consideration for this project.

    I am curious if I can apply this experience to the continuing education under Practice as the effort has developed a significant quality improvements in accessing and sharing imaging across several states where previously it was not availabile.

    Thank you for your time to review this request.

    Jim Hansard
    Epic Sr. Analyst, Radiant
    Application Services
    Murray Business Center
    3601 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005
    Office: (971) 282-0744

    • Christopher Cook

      Jim, wow! I will forward your question to J.J. and she’ll contact you early next week when back in the office.

  2. Jef Williams

    So I understand, this qualification event MUST take place in year 9 of my certification? I earned my CIIP in 2011. So cannot do this now, I have to wait until 2020? Thank you.

    • Christopher Cook

      Good question Jef, you are correct. If you any questions, call us. We’re happy to chat.

  3. Tracy Powell

    If you have to take the exam again at the 10 year mark is there a cost? If so, what is the cost?

    Thank you,

    Tracy Powell

    • Christopher Cook

      Good morning Tracy, there are four options for 10-Year Requirements. The exam is an option and you do not have to take it again. Yes, the normal fees would apply for choosing that option.

  4. darryl K.

    If you have to take the exam again at the 10 year mark is there a cost? If so, what is the cost?

    • Christopher Cook

      Hello Darrel. I’ll have Karen from the ABII team contact you at the email address you provided.

  5. Jean Guzik

    Myself and another CIIP are going to begin a quality improvement project together and would like to submit this for our 10 year certification option – the other participant has a 10 year renewal of 2018, and my renewal is 2019 – can we submit a quality improvement project together and can we submit this year?

    • Christopher Cook

      Hello Jean. Karen from ABII’s admin team will contact you directly and answer your question.