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Continuing Education Due Every Two Years

ABII’s Continuing Education (CE) requirements for diplomates have changed: not in quantity, but in timing. In the past, you had to report 60 CE credits every five years. Going forward, and depending on where you are in your five year cycle, you’ll need to report 24 credits every two years. As you can see, the rate at which you earn credits is the same (an average of 12 per year).

The only difference is the period during which you must earn and report them. CE is an important part of maintaining your certification. It helps you keep your skills and knowledge current—and it gives you a chance to learn about new technology and care practices. With a shorter reporting period, you’ll benefit from continuous and more timely learning opportunities.

When your current CE reporting period ends, you’ll move to the two year (biennium) reporting schedule. You should have received a letter about your CE timing last November. If you have questions, call ABII at 651.994.6410.

Be Prepared for Annual Renewal Fees

Don’t forget: ABII has changed its renewal schedule for diplomates. In the past, you renewed every five years at a cost of $300 to $500, depending on the frequency of the payment option you chose. In the future, you’ll renew every year at a cost of $60 per year. You may pay your annual fee anytime, but you must renew no later than Dec. 31 each year.

As in the past, you’ll renew on ABII’s website using a credit card. You should have received a letter last November noting when your certification will expire and when your first annual renewal payment will be due. All diplomates will become part of the new system no later than 2017. If you have questions about your renewal schedule, call ABII at 651.994.6410.

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