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Meenan_Chris_SOM_FACULTYMeet Christopher Meenan, B.S., CIIP

Chris, recently appointed to a three-year term on the ABII board, shared some of his thoughts on the organization’s future and the role he hopes to play in it.

How did you get involved with ABII?

Shortly after earning my CIIP (Certified Imaging Informatics Professional) credential in 2011, I began serving as an item writer (essentially writing test questions) and then on the examination committee, reviewing questions and helping to determine which questions most accurately assessed the diverse knowledge that a CIIP needs to have. I have been involved for a few years now and have always been impressed by how professional the organization is and how committed they are to helping imaging informatics professionals achieve professional success.

In what ways are you looking forward to contributing to ABII’s success?

I’m really looking forward to contributing to ABII’s efforts and building upon our successes in creating a certification path for imaging informatics professionals and recognizing both the specialized knowledge and professional skills that add up to the important role we play in health care.

You co-authored a (peer-reviewed) paper about ABII, right?

Yes, together with my colleagues, we published a study in 2012 reviewing the results of a survey asking what CIIPs thought about the benefits of their certification (Certification of Imaging Informatics Professionals (CIIP): 2010 survey of diplomates. J Digit Imaging. 2012 Oct;25(5):678-81). We learned that CIIPs found great value in the certification, along with helping those that were certified with professional recognition, career advancement and building a professional network.

How have you seen the profession change?

Back when the industry was just getting started from a PACS perspective, hospitals quickly began to recognize the benefits of and need for a radiology PACS professional. The main focus in the early days was procurement, proper installation and optimization of PACS systems for the hospital — and ABII was there, helping CIIPs demonstrate the knowledge they needed to be successful in achieving their goals. The field of imaging informatics has grown to include imaging from all over the health care enterprise. CIIPs are increasingly being asked for their input beyond system and modality integration, to include roles that involve enterprise imaging, clinical imaging governance, quality improvement, financial modeling and even patient engagement initiatives.

What’s your perspective on the future for ABII and the CIIP credential?

I think the future is bright for CIIPs and the field of imaging informatics. Understanding clinical imaging workflow is essential and an important differentiator for CIIPs who are helping their organizations successfully navigate these challenges. I believe that CIIPs will continue to play an important and expanding role in health care by successfully navigating emerging challenges in our industry.

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