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Questions About CE? Check Our CE Guide

Because lifelong learning is so important, ABII has instituted a continuing education (CE) requirement for diplomates. On or before Dec. 31 every two years, you’ll need to successfully complete and report 24 credits of CE. Without appropriate CE, you’ll forfeit your ABII certification.

All of your CE content must align with ABII’s most current Test Content Outline. To help you find appropriate CE, we’ve created this CE Guide. It explains things including how to earn CE and what verifying documents you need to document successful completion of the CE. You’ll find a CE recording tool on your personal profile at

9 Responses to “Questions About Continuing Education?”

  1. Ashley

    I passed my boards this past January 2016. Am I correct that I don’t need to submit CE this year?

    • Christopher Cook

      Ashley, apologies for the complexity of the transition.

      I forwarded your question on to the ABII representative who will respond to you directly and promptly.

  2. Carmen valdes somarriba

    My question is are we talking about radiology license and MRI license recertification. I don’t know why I receive this. I thought I was grandfathered in to my X-ray license. Please explain further.

    • Christopher Cook

      Hello Carmen. This is for CIIP certification through The American Board of Imaging Informatics.

  3. Dana Black

    Does teaching in a Radiography Program at an accredited institution count as CE’s?

    • Christopher Cook

      Good morning Dana, Karen from the ABII office will reply directly via your email. Thanks for the question!

  4. Edwin Doorn

    I see in the CE Guide that other certifications are not accepted for CE credit. What about any organized classes that were taken in preparation for other certifications? Can we claim credit for the classroom activities? They would relate to Communications and Information Technology.


    • Christopher Cook

      Hello Edwin, Karen from the ABII office will email your answer directly to you.

  5. Richard Maskowsky

    I am interested in EDUCATION: MENTORING A NON-CIIP. Is there a template I can follow?