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Streamlined policy, lower price for most with new annual-only renewal scheduleA handsome young man working on his laptop while reading a magazine One renewal timing option replaces two – and the cost of renewal is reduced for many diplomates – under a new ABII policy announced in November 2015. The changes will move everyone to an annual renewal period by December 2016. Those who had been on the annual payment schedule will see their fees unchanged. All renewal payments will continue to be made through the ABII website using a credit card. Letters were sent to all diplomates using the mailing address on file with ABII in November 2015. The letters explained how the timing will affect diplomates individually. CE reporting goes to biennial schedule; credit requirements remain unchanged With the renewal schedule dropping the five-year option and going to an annual-only schedule, the continuing education (CE) requirement is following suit by reducing its five-year schedule to two-year (biennial) timing. When diplomates’ current CE reporting periods end, a biennial reporting period will launch. Where 60 credits were required over the five-year period, the new biennial period will require 24 credits. Either way, when you do the math, it comes down to a recommendation of completing 12 credits per year. The individualized letter announcing each individual’s renewal timing also detailed their CE timing. Direct any questions to J.J. at 651-994-6410.

4 Responses to “Streamlined renewal & CE policies”

  1. Dean Lee

    I have paid my 5 year renewal a year or two ago and my current certificate or license is good until December 2019. I will report my CME credits, however I am not going to be required to pay and annual fee until 2019, correct?

    • Christopher Cook

      Hi Dean, I have your direct email and will respond. We’ll certainly clarify.

    • Christopher Cook

      Hi Steve – I have your email address and will have our staff program manager reply directly to you.